One Goal-

One Passion:


We are an organization that strives to help get veterans, children and women involved in the outdoors. All events and functions we hold are paid for from our own pockets or from the generous contributions and donations from our sponsors and  everyday people who also share our love for the outdoors. If you would like to donate your time, property, hunts, materials needed to make these events successful please do so by clicking the Donate button above or by using the form on the back page to contact us.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Dubbed the "crabclaw buck" pic from JD Mitchell trail cam on property in Licking County Ohio




Disabled veterans, wounded soldier 

hunt with Licking River Outfitters, 

lodging, meals, and tags provided at

no cost to veteran, veteran responsible

for transportation to and from

Dec 3-5, 2016, arrival on 2nd

Also 2 Kentucky veterans for a kentucky whitetail hunt, lodging, meals included. Transportation to and from will be veterans expense



for an application or get it here

We are a veteran co founded non profit organization which has gathered staff from all walks of life and varying regions of the US to share one thing: our passion for the outdoors. We are veterans, dads, moms, sons and just your average Joe next door who have come together to spread our knowledge of the outdoors with others. We have a special place in our hearts for veterans ( disabled and otherwise), children with disabilities;  and  women, and want to do all we can to get them involved in the outdoors.

One goal-One Passion: Outdoors!